Smart Kitchen Remodeling Tricks

Realizing the dream minimalist kitchen in a tiny mortgage house is not impossible. Apart from using home renovation services, you can also do your own subsidized home kitchen renovation, especially if your funds are limited. No need to worry about the design or concept of the kitchen, now there are many pictures of kitchen renovations that can be easily accessed via the internet. If you have found the concept and design, start making a kitchen renovation budget first. With the RAB or budget plan, a minimalist kitchen renovation won’t cost a lot. If the average cost for a type 36 kitchen reaches 10 million, renovating your kitchen won’t be that expensive.

  1. If your budget is limited, prioritize painting the walls and kitchen cabinets first. If these two components can be conjured more optimally, the kitchen atmosphere will immediately look different

Choose a wall color that can instantly change the mood of your kitchen. Try to choose colors that tend to be easily applied to many decorations, for example gray, beige, or olive green. If you’re going to need a lot of paint, just buy a big bucket, it’s usually much cheaper. The average small kitchen renovation takes around 300 thousand to buy paint.

  1. The important thing that should not be missed when renovating a kitchen with a minimal budget is updating old tools and adding some kitchen accessories

Do not use a spatula or sutil that has lost its handle. Apart from reducing comfort when cooking, silk that is no longer handled will interfere with the aesthetics of your kitchen. Update kitchen utensils if you really need to be replaced and choose colors that match the kitchen theme. Or, you can add some decorative knick-knacks to add to the aesthetics of the kitchen.

  1. The problem with small kitchens is usually in the lighting. Add some lights when renovating a small kitchen to make it look brighter

Instead of breaking down the wall to make another window, it’s better to add some lights as a new source of lighting. Choose an LED lamp that saves electricity and has a color that matches the wall or kitchen cabinet. Make sure the selected lamp is brighter than before. So, so that the intensity of the light spreads, place the lamp right in the middle of the kitchen area. Especially if you want to renovate the kitchen and dining room combined into one.

  1. Instead of replacing tiles and countertops, it’s better to just add coating stickers. Much more economical for sure ~

Even though the tiles are not very visible, the changes can make the cooking mood increase. Instead of having to replace it with a new ceramic motif, just cover it with stickers whose motifs match the kitchen theme. For kitchen countertops, you can use vinyl or silicone coatings to make it easier to clean in case they get stained during cooking.

  1. Prepare a budget for the cooker hood, especially if your kitchen is not very large and does not have proper openings

Even if you are working on a simple kitchen renovation, a cooker hood still needs to be taken into account. For some people, maybe this thing doesn’t seem so important, even though its role is very effective in creating a comfortable, smoke-free kitchen. By installing a cooker hood around the stove, cooking fumes will no longer fill the kitchen.

Apart from being healthier because it is smoke-free, a cooker hood can also add a minimalist impression to your kitchen area. This trick will be very effective if you are also renovating the kitchen and bathroom which are located next to each other. The cooking fumes won’t get into your bathroom.

  1. Arrange the tools and decorative knick-knacks in the most appropriate place. The reason is, the most important key to the success of a cheap minimalist kitchen renovation is the arrangement

30 percent of the success of a beautiful kitchen renovation is in the arrangement of the utensils. For that, try to place the furniture in the most suitable place according to your taste. Based on kitchen remodeling experience, here are some important things related to the arrangement of kitchen utensils that can be used as guidelines:

 Knives and glassware should be kept in a special cupboard out of reach of children.
 Kitchen spices are placed on a hanging rack that is easy to reach.
 Place a table between the sink and kitchen for easy access to your cooking.
 Put a trash can across from the sink so the kitchen doesn't stink because the air is damp.

Free kitchen renovation is impossible. But that doesn’t mean kitchen renovations have to be expensive. With a few of the tricks above, kitchen renovation costs can be much reduced. Don’t worry, General contractor atlanta . As long as the kitchen needs can be adjusted.


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