Simple Kitchen Remodels Be Unique at Low Cost

Who says a simple kitchen renovation has to cost a fortune. The proof is that with a budget of less than five million, you can already get a new, more aesthetic design. There are actually two keys to making renovations possible at a limited cost. You only need to stick to two principles, namely changing the color and slightly modifying the material. If these two things are done then repairs will not cost a lot.

Keep in mind that you should not be careless in determining what colors and objects to change colors. If done carelessly then desynchronization will occur. When this happens, a room will not have a definite theme and create an uncomfortable atmosphere. So, know the right color arrangement before combining and changing the color arrangement in a room.

In doing your own Handicap solutions, the fun thing is feeling satisfied when you see the results. This is what makes room renovation activities so much fun. Therefore, the action used must be prime so that cheap is not an excuse to look cheap. Therefore we will discuss in detail regarding color replacement and material modification. This simple renovation activity can be done by anyone with makeshift abilities.
Simple Kitchen Renovation with Color Combination Changes

There are several aspects to consider when changing the color composition of a room. The following are some things that you can make reference to when doing renovations.

  1. Furniture color

Changing the color of furniture can be an alternative to replacing it with a new one, because it will increase expenses. Even a minor paint change can have a significant impact on appearance. This can be done by first determining the theme to be used in the room, then applying it to the furniture. So later all combinations will remain on the specified theme.

  1. Add Accessories

Moving accessories from another room to the kitchen can be a smart solution, if buying isn’t an option. So you can save expenses significantly. Basically there are also multipurpose accessories that can be placed anywhere. So a simple kitchen renovation doesn’t need to buy new accessories if the other room still has them. Accessories that you can use include small paintings, live flower vases, aquariums, and many more.

  1. Changing Lighting

Changing the color of the lights can be a solution to adapt it to a new theme. With a touch of new light you can get quite significant results. For the brightness of the lights themselves, it depends on the area of the room and the theme. Try to keep it comfortable and also use it when cooking so it doesn’t interfere with productivity. These three methods are still closely related to color change only. There are still two more methods that can also be applied to get significant aesthetic results in the kitchen space.
Material Modification in Simple Kitchen Renovations

There are two types of modifications that don’t require a large amount of money in kitchen remodeling. The following are two modifications that you can refer to and implement to achieve significant results.

  1. Adding Wallpapers

If your kitchen wall appears in an ordinary way, then adding wallpaper is the best alternative. Changing the wallpaper on the walls may sound simple, but it will have a significant impact. One impact is that there is no need to do a complete renovation when the existing wall theme is still relevant to the new theme you want to create.

  1. Replacing the Tiles

This idea sounds quite expensive, but how about just one or two tiles replaced. Choosing several tiles that can form a unique pattern will certainly be more interesting. This is enough to give the kitchen a new breath with old compositions. You can simply replace the old tiles and glue the new ones.


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