Reasons You Should Renovate Your Kitchen

Kitchen remodeling is one of the remodeling jobs that can bring big changes to your home. There are two types of kitchens that are most common in Indonesia, namely a cooking or dirty kitchen whose main function is to cook and wash cooking utensils and a clean kitchen whose function includes a room for receiving guests. Whatever type of kitchen your home has, kitchen renovation is best done when it’s time.

When is the perfect time for a Kitchen counter top remodeling? Depending on your needs and renovation goals. There are several things that can be reasons for kitchen renovations. Here we go:

 Need a Wider & Comfortable Kitchen

A lot of work needs to be done in the kitchen, from cooking to washing cooking utensils. The kitchen work certainly requires a room that is quite spacious and comfortable. Imagine the size of the kitchen space left to move around after the kitchen is filled with a kitchen set, stove and refrigerator. Not to mention if there are additional storage shelves, there will be less room to move.

Kitchen renovation by changing the shape of the kitchen to the letter L or U can add space to move. You can more freely cook and do other kitchen work.

 Want to Change the Cooking Atmosphere

The reasons for home renovations do not always have to be functional. Ever feel bored at home because the atmosphere is somber and boring? Maybe you are bored with the same atmosphere and scenery every day.

Kitchen renovations can be done to change the atmosphere so that you are more enthusiastic about cooking and doing kitchen work. There’s no need to do a major renovation right away, you can start by updating your kitchen set, furniture, or countertops to make it look more modern and add to the aesthetic value of your kitchen.

 Need a Child Friendly Kitchen

Your family members have increased, now there is a child who fills your daily activities. As soon as he enters toddlerhood, the ability to walk and reach for children will be higher, along with increasing curiosity and usually starting to be good at imitating all the activities he sees. Renovating or changing the kitchen layout to make it safer is an obligation.

The kitchen renovation that you can do is expand the room for cooking so that children can be involved in the cooking process. Place electronic, fragile, and sharp items higher or out of reach of children. Keep in mind, even though it has been renovated to be child-friendly, you must always supervise your children, especially when they are in the kitchen.

 Increasing the Selling Value of Homes

If in the future you plan to resell your home, interior renovations have an impact on the resale value of the home. A neat and aesthetic kitchen area will attract more potential buyers. Kitchen remodeling can help you maintain your home’s best resale value the next time you sell it.

 Avoid Unexpected Costs

Many people don’t realize that every object has a useful life, including the contents of your kitchen. Usually after 5-10 years, you will start to experience problems such as cabinet hinges that are difficult to close, leaking faucets or sink pipes, peeling walls, and electronic items starting to break down one by one. Instead of waiting for it to break down at any time, it’s better for you to do a complete renovation by replacing the contents of the kitchen whose life span is running out.

Although renovation costs are not cheap, these costs are more planned and can be adjusted according to existing needs and budget. This is certainly better than spending money to pay for unexpected costs from repairing damaged goods alternately.

Those are 5 reasons you should renovate your kitchen. We hope that the discussion above will inspire you to realize your dream kitchen.






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