Minimalist Kitchen Renovation Tips with Minimal Costs

Those who live at home who regularly cook every day, surely know how a comfortable and beautiful-looking kitchen influences their mood and desire to cook. A clean, tidy, comfortable and beautiful kitchen will make cooking more enjoyable and make you more enthusiastic.

A neat, clean and attractive kitchen will also be safer and save time preparing dishes. Cooking and eating utensils are easy to find and use, a clean and bright kitchen keeps household pests free and reduces the risk of injury, and is pleasing to the eye and pleasing to live in.

If instead you feel lazy to cook and order food from outside more often, it could be because something is missing or wrong in the kitchen at home. Maybe, it’s time to consider remodeling the kitchen to make it more usable.

Hearing about Handicap remodeling, you don’t need to worry that it will cost a lot. With proper planning and execution, renovating a minimalist kitchen can also use a limited budget to make it more economical.

Even though it’s economical, the results can still be maximized and make residents of the house more comfortable using the kitchen everyday. But working with a limited budget, of course there need to be some adjustments and tricks that are applied so that the dream kitchen can still be realized at a lower cost.

  1. Determining Plans and Priority Scales in Kitchen Renovations

With consideration of costs that must be kept from swelling, an effective and economical renovation starts with careful planning. Start by determining what parts and kitchen furniture will be replaced, added, or renovated.

Determine the priority scale by sorting which parts are important to take precedence. For example, replacing parts of a damaged kitchen set. Then from the rest of the existing budget, what elements can be added to improve the quality of the kitchen so that it feels comfortable and charming when used.

  1. Focus on walls and kitchen sets as the main components of the kitchen

If you are the type of home owner who needs a 180 degree different look and atmosphere than before, focus on renovating the walls and kitchen set, because these two elements are the most important part of the kitchen, take up a lot of space, and are the most visible to the eye.

Changing the color of kitchen wall paint requires a relatively small amount of money. You can also change the kitchen backsplash with new colors and patterns. Then, kitchen set elements can also be replaced, such as cabinet materials, shelves and drawers which will give a new look to the kitchen without having to spend too much money.

  1. Make an Opportunity to Replace Cooking and Eating Utensils

Kitchen renovation also doesn’t always mean dismantling and replacing large furniture. Especially with a limited budget, adding decorations or changing cutlery and cooking utensils can also be a renovation step that gives a new feel to the kitchen.

For example adding ornamental plants, changing jars for storing spices and food ingredients to ones that are more attractive in design, using stainless steel cookware for a professional look, or cutlery whose colors are adjusted to the homeowner’s favorite color.

  1. The Importance of Research and Comparison of Prices in Independent Renovations

When using an interior designer to renovate a kitchen, you just need to find an interior designer with a good reputation and look for offers that fit your budget. Meanwhile, when doing your own renovation without the help of an interior designer, there are more things to research and compare, such as the price of handyman services, building materials, materials and furniture.

Make sure you do your research before renovations begin to find the best service and price. Which will affect the savings in the kitchen renovation budget.

  1. Use More Affordable Alternative Materials At Some Point

Some specific materials in the kitchen have a relatively expensive price when replaced in large quantities. For example marble for the kitchen counter surface, then parquet for the wooden floor, or real wood materials for parts of the kitchen set such as cabinets or shelves.

With proper planning and execution, renovating a minimalist kitchen can also use a limited budget to make it more economical.

Working with a limited budget, you can look for alternatives to these materials that drain your pocket. For example using vinyl for the appearance of wooden floors, changing wood to HPL or plywood for kitchen sets, or even using marble motif stickers for kitchen counter surfaces.

With relatively good quality, the budget can be cut in several parts to further save on kitchen renovation costs.


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