Budget-Saving Kitchen Renovation Tricks – Minimalist

One of the important part in the house is the kitchen is . That’s why investing a little money and time to provide comfort in it is not a waste. You don’t have to completely change the shape and appearance of your kitchen. With just a few clever tricks, you can turn your kitchen into a more attractive one. Eits, take it easy, the trick below won’t drain the contents of your savings, really. Let’s listen!

  1. Change the look of the walls with neutral colors and bold kitchen accessories

Choosing a neutral color can make a Interior remodeling. In addition, neutral colors are also easier to combine with any kitchen accessories. You can choose neutral colors like gray, white, or beige.

However, for those of you who crave something more colorful, the selection of ‘bold’ kitchen accessories can also be tried. For example, walls with neutral colors and kitchen accents are shades of gold to add to the impression of luxury. You can apply it by spraying gold paint on the chandelier and other metal accessories in the kitchen.

  1. Maximize free space from floor to ceiling as a storage area

Millennials and Z generations prefer small houses because they are considered more practical to clean and not too expensive. Unfortunately, so very little storage area. Of course this is a big problem for those of you who have a lot of things you want to store.

Well, the best solution for this is to install cabinets that maximize empty walls from floor to ceiling. So that the kitchen doesn’t look cramped and monotonous, you can combine cabinets with open shelves. Place a closed cupboard in a high place that you will use as storage for items that are used occasionally such as pretty plates for serving. As for open shelves, you can place them in an accessible place so that they are easy to clean and rearrange.

  1. Add a multifunctional island table

Not only does it add to the aesthetics, the island table can also be an alternative storage cabinet as well as a dining table, you know. Even though it drains your pocket a little because it’s custom, you can use this island table for various functions. For example, as a kitchen table, storage cabinet, or dining table. Of course this is a solution for small kitchen owners, right?

So that this table does not interfere with traffic in the kitchen, it is best to leave a passage area of at least 850 millimeters. As for the width of the island table, if you want to add a stove or sink inside then prepare a minimum width of around 1200 millimeters, but if it’s just a table, 600 millimeters wide is enough.

  1. Create a comfortable seating area

An island table can also be used as a dining table or an informal sitting area. Just add a few lounge chairs or bar stools next to it. So that you don’t choose the wrong one, you should first calculate the height of the table before buying a chair so you can determine the height of the chair for your comfort when sitting.

If you are on a tight budget, you can outsmart buying a new chair by laminating it to mimic luxury materials such as marble and wood. However, if you like industrial themes, laminating chairs with metal shades can create a contemporary style too, really. Anyway, choose a laminate that is durable, stain resistant, heat resistant, scratch resistant, does not fade easily, and is easy to clean.

  1. Set up a good lighting scheme

Even though it is considered trivial, lighting has a determining factor in kitchen comfort, you know. Not only adding aesthetic value, lamps can also be a source of light when you cook. Give a final touch by placing a chandelier above it. Try placing two or three hanging lamps over the island for a welcoming kitchen look

It’s a good idea to put a white lamp near the table where you cook because it requires bright light. Meanwhile, for an island table that also functions as a dining table, there’s nothing wrong with hanging a yellow lamp to add a romantic and warm impression.

Don’t force yourself to buy all kitchen accessories if you only have limited funds. You can little by little change the appearance of kitchen utensils and equipment in simple ways, such as repairing old cupboards or repainting accessories that look dull.






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