7 Subsidized Home Kitchen Renovation Ideas – You Can Use a Kitchen Set

The home kitchen is one of the important rooms in the house. Many people think that renovating a kitchen requires a large budget. In fact, it turns out that renovating a subsidized home kitchen can be done on an affordable budget and still look cool, of course. Moreover, in subsidized houses generally the kitchen is at the back of the house and is an open area.

As with renovating other Bathroom remodeling atlanta in the house, the kitchen also requires a number of things that must be considered when renovating.

  1. Simple Subsidized Home Kitchen

The first subsidized home kitchen design is one that carries a simple concept. The kitchen has a size that is not too wide, but has enough space for those who want to do activities in the kitchen.

Even though the size is not large, the kitchen has many places to store various kitchen utensils. The existence of a kitchen set in the kitchen is very helpful because it doesn’t take up a lot of space and kitchen equipment can be neatly arranged.

Renovating the kitchen of a subsidized house type 30/60 needs to be careful considering the limited area of the room so that all needs can be accommodated properly.

  1. Semi-Outdoor Subsidized Home Kitchen

If you want something different, you can try implementing a semi-outdoor subsidy kitchen. This design is perfect for homes with small designs such as type 30/60 houses. The kitchen is at the back of the house with no wall covering and leads to the backyard.

So that cooking utensils can be protected from exposure to sunlight and rain, there is a roof that covers them. That way, cooking activities won’t be too hot or raining for sure.

  1. Central Subsidized Home Kitchen

Who says a subsidized home kitchen can’t be in the middle of the house? This kitchen design proves it. The kitchen is in the middle of the house, complete with a mini bar that can be used as a dining table. The mini bar also functions as a barrier between the kitchen and living room.

So that the kitchen looks more spacious and relieved, you can use white combined with stainless steel cookware. The combination of white and silver is guaranteed to make the subsidized home kitchen even cooler and more modern.

  1. Minimalist Subsidized Home Kitchen

Do not want to have a kitchen with a large size? This minimalist subsidized home kitchen design can be the right choice. As the name implies, this kitchen does not have a large size and the furniture is quite minimal.

A kitchen set is indispensable for storing and organizing cutlery and cooking utensils so that they look neat. You can also use the wall as a storage area so it doesn’t take up much space.

  1. Outdoor Subsidized Home Kitchen

The next subsidized home kitchen renovation idea is an outdoor style. This kitchen is outside the house, more precisely the backyard which is often the ‘leftover’ land in type 30/60 houses.

To make it more elegant, the kitchen has a kitchen set made of natural stones. Natural stone also makes the kitchen look natural, comfortable, and definitely unique. There is a small mini bar that can be used as a dining table or a place to hangout when guests arrive.

  1. Back Subsidy House Kitchen

Another subsidized home kitchen renovation idea is the one behind the house. This design allows the kitchen to be located behind the house with an open concept. This can be seen from a large window on the side of the kitchen so that it makes good air circulation in the kitchen and house, as well as good natural lighting.

In order not to take up a lot of space, using the wall as a storage area is an option for adopting a home kitchen like this.

  1. Home Subsidized Home Kitchen

The idea of a subsidized home kitchen in front of the house sounds unusual, but this can be a solution for those who want something different. The kitchen is at the front of the house with a size that is not too broad, while the wall is a storage area for various cooking and eating utensils.

There is no partition between the kitchen and other rooms, such as the living room and family room. This makes the kitchen look more spacious and the house wider. In addition, this design can also make the house more comfortable.

The government is still allowed to renovate subsidized houses, but with a number of rules and regulations that apply. For example, the kitchen part of a subsidized house can be allowed to be renovated, but not the facade of the house.

For that, here are some tips for renovating a subsidized type 30/60 home kitchen that you need to know so you don’t go wrong.

  1. Know the Cost of Renovation

Learn the cost of renovating subsidized type 30/60 houses. Know that renovation costs are usually influenced by the desired model or kitchen design and the materials used. Knowing the cost of renovating a kitchen is also necessary so that renovations can be according to your budget and wishes.

  1. Make a WED

Make sure to make a RAB or budget plan. That’s because it can affect the budget that will be spent to build a dream kitchen. Either choosing a wholesale or daily system must be calculated correctly so that renovation costs do not increase.

  1. Pay attention to the cost of the handyman

Also pay attention to the cost of builders who do home kitchen renovations. That’s because builders’ services in each region can vary. That way, the costs for renovating a subsidized house kitchen type 30/60 can also be different, of course. Likewise with the price of the building that will be used.

Those are some things that can be an illustration for renovating a subsidized house kitchen type 30/60.


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