Tailgating Route 66: A Summer Roadtrip

r66Get your kicks on Route 66. Oh yes those immortal lyrics to a song that will never die. Whether it’s cruising in your gleaming hot rod, hearing a strong, well-tuned V8 power you down the road, or humming along to a sweet melody, it all makes for fond memories. Route 66 has it all.

Two Cubs Tailgaters Remember Harry Caray

Most young readers, if they are outside of the Chicago area, will not remember Harry Caray. If you were born and raised in Chicago, however, you know exactly whom we are toasting. The colorful fan’s broadcaster of the White Sox and the Cubs during a span of 27 years is still regarded today for having the best 7th inning stretch routine ever in major league baseball.

Harry Caray was born with the name Harry Christopher Carabina, in the poorest part of the city of St. Louis, Missouri. His father walked out on the family when Harry was an infant, and his mother died when he was eight years old, so he was raised by his aunt. His zealous broadcasting and zeal for life allowed him to climb out of the slums of St. Louis, and led him to a career in radio that cannot be surpassed. By the time he worked his way into the broadcasting booth for the St. Louis Cardinals, this short, amusing man with cola-bottle glasses was heralded as a loyal fan who criticized every move that the players made.

Cincinnati Chili Makes a Versatile and Tasty Tailgate Treat

You do not have to be from Cincinnati to make or enjoy real Cincinnati chili and with the various ways you can make it this style of chili is fantastic for tailgating. Cincinnati geeks of all types love their chili, with more than 180 chili parlors in the Midwest city. Cincy chili has a thinner consistency and also has some unique ingredients that are not found in other types of chili. Add to the fact that there are several ways to serve the chili and making the “works” means you are having the deluxe 5-way chili, served atop spaghetti and topped with cheese, onions and beans.

Online Games Are So Much Fun

online gamesThe first thing that kids do when they first learn how to use a computer is play games. This also applies to adults who want to have fun playing games as well. There is not a single person in the world who has never used his computer to play a game. The most popular type of games are free online games. But what makes them so popular?

Turn a Fun Game Of Golf Into Fitness

golf for exercise and funMost people play golf for fun. While there are some that compete and do it for the money and for the prizes, most still do it as an active and fun hobby. But did you know that golf fitness is a new and interesting fitness program that turns your hobby into something more, keeping the fun of course.

Have Fun Dressing Up

costume funWhat could be more fun than dressing up for Halloween or for a costume party. It is your chance to be someone else, someone cool and different. Here are some costumes that have been especially popular for many years.

Blast from the past: Disco Demolition Night

There are many things that pair nicely with tailgating: beer, grilling over an open flame, sharing good times with family and friends, and enjoying the outdoors. But if there is one thing that doesn’t mix well with tailgating, it’s disco. And for that, ATA will always remember one fateful day more than 30 years ago in Chicago. Not that we condone violence, mind you.

Fun in Just a Few Steps From Home

sand castleParents always want the best for their children. You have probably spent hours on the internet, reading all the parenting blogs that are popular out there.  Now, it is time to get up from the computer and go be a parent!

As much as possible, we give our kids every little thing that makes them happy. However, we all find it hard to think of new ways or new things to spark their interest. This is where outdoor toys enter.

Beer of the month: Famosa from Guatemala

Latin America is known for its contributions to the culinary arts and baseball. It also produces superb beer, but you don’t have to buy a plane ticket to enjoy them. In fact, don’t pull your hair out at all.  this weeks beer should actually make the hair on your chest grow an inch,. 

Famosa is the most popular beer in Guatemala. Those who know this lager say it is surprisingly fresh, with a hint of lemon. Famosa has a delicate aroma and a light golden color. Pour the beer into a glass and inspect the contents; it has one of the clearest views surpassing more famous, expensive beers. Bottom line: Famosa is a quality beer.

The Natural is about more than just baseball

The natural is not just about baseball.  In fact it would be a perfect movie to see if you were wanting to make your boyfriends friend like you.  Adapted from Bernard Malamud’s novel by the same name and directed by Barry Levinson (Diner, Sleepers, Rain Man), The Natural seems like a mere baseball story on the surface, but is a multi-faceted look at the depths of human nature, the weight of expectations and the power of self-determination. The film stars Robert Redford in one of the best turns in his career as Roy Hobbs. The character of Hobbs is based on Philadelphia first basemen Eddie Waitkus and possibly another man, a former Chicago Cubs player Billy Jurges.

A man, his goat and the legacy of the Chicago Cubs

For 104 years, these words have been muttered by Chicago Cubs fans. That’s because for Cubs fans every year is another year that their beloved team would watch someone else win the World Series.

See, the Cubs haven’t won a World Series since 1908. They played in seven others up until their last appearance in 1945 – losing all of them.

Happy To Know That Hair Loss Is No Longer As Dreadful As It Seems

Tampa Hair Restoration ProgramPeople usually freak out when they see themselves in the mirror and their hair has become thinner or their hairline has receded. It’s understandable, being bald is not something everyone would want to live with everyday. After all, one has taken good care of their hair all their lives… too much effort has been expended only to lose it all. It’s like everything didn’t matter at all, but that’s not true. Besides, you have nothing to fear now from hair loss. Science has since progressed and has come up with several techniques in order to treat hair loss. One such treatment is the Tampa Hair Restoration Program by a famous hair clinic in Tampa area.

Living or Leaving

Mover SarasotaDreaming of moving or living in to another place where you feel you will have a better life and a peace of mind.

Well, to help you prepare I run down some random thoughts that I thought would be a great help. You have to pack your items accordingly. There are different types of items which you can pack but with different styles of packaging. Take for example:

Getting To Know Vitamins a Little Better

getting to know vitamins a little betterSince we are young, we have been provided by our parents with almost all of the things we needed in life. Ever since we are young, we customarily hear our parents, to the point of nagging us, into eating or drinking foods that were rich in what is being called as ‘vitamins’. These vitamins are ‘helpers’ to maintain us healthy and fit. They keep us from various diseases, and make us stronger for future energy usage.

Baseball: A summer filled with memories

Baseball is a sport that is meant to be enjoyed outside, preferably on a sunny day, with a brat in one hand and a beer in the other, rooting for the home team with the type of enthusiasm that can only be found in organized sports.

As a kid, the day was spent with sticky fingers from a mix of grape soda and ketchup, but the sentiment remains the same. A good game of baseball allows for everyone to return to their childhood, spend the day with friends and family, and simply have a good time.

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